Unlock Savings on Your Shipments With Affordable Courier Services

Online businesses nowadays are very popular because some people are too busy to visit departmental stores and any other store. Through the online businesses, customers can order a product or schedule a service through the advanced e-commerce portals and with courier parcel services, have them delivered in no time. In this way, they will only have to wait for their orders to be shipped and delivered to their address. This may sound convenient for the customers, but for the owner of the business, there are some unavoidable problems.

Courier services are known to be more expensive when offered to small businesses. Moreover, the shipping cost becomes more expensive since it does not cover the tracking cost. Business owners are always on search for courier parcel services that offer low rates to enable them cut on shipping costs and increase their margins.

When the owner cannot afford the rate of a shipping company or when he or she is not satisfied with the service, the search begins again. Having different deals with many shipping companies just make the job more stressful because that means the businesses have a lot of tracking to do in order to get the best deals. This is now a solved problem because of parcel2courier.com, a parcel broker that offers courier parcel services at relatively low costs.

Parcel2courier serves both personal and business purposes. For personal purpose, a customer can simply “Click, Pay and Print” to send parcels not only within Australia but also in other parts of the world. For business purposes, parcel2courier encourages customer to talk to them about the possible deals they can get.

They do this to make shipping costs as low as possible since these businesses will need their service most of the time and with higher bulk of items. Parcel2courier has enabled a parcel rate calculator on their website. Through this, customers will know ahead of time about the fee they will need to pay according to the dimensions of the parcel and its destination (domestic or international).

The website also specifies the name of the services they offer. These include the maximum weight of the parcel that can be accommodated by a certain service. Their domestic shipments contain 10 choices of service. Customers can decide the date and time that the parcel will be picked up. Also, they can pick up parcels on the same day or after one hour that you made the transaction.

Most importantly, and unlike other courier service companies, the tracking cost is free with parcel2courier. All these the customer gets in just affordable price and with the assurance that their items are handled properly. They also offer convenient payment options and single point-of-call for customer service.

To assure that the items inside the parcels will be delivered in the best condition, parcel2courier also teaches the customers how to do the packing. To avoid hitches with the shipment of your parcels, you will find clear instructions on the prohibited or restricted items along with other forms of shipping advice. There is an extended warranty as well as insurance to ensure that you back is well covered during the shipment of your items.

In this way, the customer can have greater protection for their shipments just by paying a little extra. Parcel2courier is definitely the answer for good quality and affordable courier service comparison and booking services.

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