Three Different Places for Three Different Holidayers in the Gold Coast

Boasting its 35 wonderful beaches, the Gold Coast is one of the most visited and tourist-friendly city in Southeastern Queensland, Australia. As a matter of fact, the city accommodates around 4 million visitors a year, all enjoying the surf, sand, sexy Aussie cocktails and all the exciting things the city can offer. It may sound cliché to say that the beaches in this city are spectacular, but it really is the truth, which is why Holiday Accommodation Gold Coast has to offer is a hot commodity all year round.
Here are the different things you can do and places to visit to fully enjoy your holiday accommodation and have your best time in the Gold Coast.
Holiday Accommodation Gold Coast
For Those Who Party: Surfers Paradise
Though it’s generally a haven for people who love to ride big waves, Surfers Paradise is considered as the city’s party capital. Many guests with a holiday accommodation Gold Coast offers visit this place for the fun and party. It’s indeed a party zone that attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis. It’s estimated that this part of town accommodates up to 20,000 guests per day, which explains the numerous bars, clubs, restaurants and malls lined up in almost every corner of the street.
Surfers Paradise is indeed, a sexy place. Many people walk around shirtless, showing their sexy tanned and tattooed bodies, carrying backpacks, and more. If you love to party and have fun, then you should definitely visit this place. If you’re a fan of cultural substance, then you can choose other places, as this may not be the right place for you.
For Those Who Are Into Nature: Lamington National Park
If you love exploring the wild and enjoying nature’s gifts to mankind, taking pictures of colorful birds and wild and fascinating animals right in their natural habitat, then Lamington National Park is a must-visit place for you. It is the country’s biggest remnant of subtropical rainforest. It is well hidden in the steep cliffs and deep valleys of the McPherson Range, which reaches up to 1100m on Lamington Plateau. This 200 square meter National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage, and it features 160km of walking trails.
Binna Burra and Green mountains section are the two most accessible sections of the National Park.
For Those Who Are Traveling with Kids: Dreamworld Theme Park
If you’re travelling with kids and the whole family, then wholesome places such as theme parks are for you. Dreamworld Theme Park is the biggest theme park in Australia, and certainly one of the best places you can bring your kids to in the Gold Coast. This place is full of fun and exciting games and treats for the kids. There are more than 40 rides all in all in this theme park. Some of its most famous rides are the Big 8 Thrill Rides, Wiggles World, and some all new DreamWork experience.
This theme park is really great for kids and kids at heart. They have the most exciting live shows, a big host of characters children have watched and loved. This place features the most conducive place for penguins. It also features an immersive experience in the medieval world of Shrek, etc.
To have a hassle-free and enjoyable Gold Coast experience, make sure you book your holiday rentals and Gold Coast rentals in advance. There are tons of choices of Holiday Accommodation Gold Coast has. Do your homework and research for the most reputable companies, with good reviews and satisfied clients.
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