Stay Ahead in Production With the Best Lifting Equipment

A good working condition is always on top of the list as one of the ways of motivating employees. For factory and construction works, the availability of machinery ensures that not only staffs are motivated but production is also improved. This is achieved given machinery increases production speed and shortens time wastage. However, to do this, you need to ensure machinery such as vacuum lifter are always in their best condition.

Products and services for lifting

Among necessary machineries in a factory set up are vacuum (check more information to this link: lifters. These come in different types, meaning specific types can only be used for specific purposes. Below are a few examples which can help you achieve your goals in given situations.

  1. Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifter

As the name suggests, this large and strong equipment operates in a manner that can only be compared to the elephant it is named after. The secret to its efficiency and reliability is the fact that it uses vacuum as the only medium of lifting and holding. Once you have it you do not need hoists, pneumatic cylinders or manipulators to do your lifting and moving.

Among its features include design that ensures you attain the best ergonomics. It is fitted with a special upper swivel that ensures you can rotate an object in a 360 degrees direction. Safety has been enhanced such that when power fails, you can still lower the object without causing injuries or damages.

  1. VacuMaster Vacuum Lifter

This lifter is ideal for objects such as wood, metal, glass, and stones that weigh up to 2,000 kilograms. Vacuum is used to first hold the object then lifting is done using a crane. Lifters in this series come with qualities such as robustness and reliability. Its ability to be applied in numerous ways is achieved through its compact and modular design.

It comes with an audible device that warns you in case there is power failure or if the vacuum is not sufficient enough. Its clearly visible vacuum gauge and easy to access control systems make this vacuum lifter easy to operate.

  1. Crane maintenance services

For any machinery to serve its purpose effectively for the longest time, maintenance and repair cannot be neglected. Failure to do so does not only reduce production but also poses a huge safety risk to employees. Crane repairs Melbourne has are just among the many services that include crane inspection, hoist repairs, services for lifting equipment and more.

Given the experience and expertise in this field, these services are offered in line with the kind of product you purchase. Technicians handling these equipment are qualified with right knowledge to ensure you are back to business within the shortest time possible.

Whether it is product purchase or crane service Melbourne has that you are looking for, you want a dealer that provides both with precision. Millsom Material Handling is all you need to ensure your production is at optimum. Visit one of the Australia-wide offices to ensure you have the best services. You can also visit the website to see other products and services available.

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