Self Storage is a viable storage solution

According to the historical records, self storage units are believed to have existed in China about 2000 years ago. Later, the British introduced the system of keeping crates in stables with a watchman to take care of the crates. However, the system of self storage was first introduced in the USA in 1960. Now, the storage facilities have become popular in Europe, Australia and various other Asian countries. In fact, in Australia, there are about 1100 self storage units providing more than 39 million square feet of storage space. Read on to know more about Footscray storage facilities.

A dream come true:

Every home, business house and industry always aims to keep the place uncluttered, neat and tidy. But given the necessity for storing varieties of articles and the constraints of space, the very idea of keeping the place uncluttered threatens to be a distant dream. But, with the introduction of Footscray storage facilities, now you can aspire to keep the place uncluttered.

Tremendous growth:

The popularity of Ascot Vale storage facilities is such that now individuals, as well as business enterprises, make extensive use of these facilities. In 2015, it was estimated that in the USA, one in ten American households has made use of the self storage facility. In fact, in Australia, self storage system was started in 1970 and now this is a $1 billion industry registering an annual growth of about 3.3%.

Features of storage units:

Today, the utility of Footscray storage facilities is more or less customized to the needs of every class of users of the storage system. This is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of self storage units world over. For example, the self storage units are designed in different sizes. Some of the popular sizes of self storage units are 5’ X 10’, 10’ X 10, 20’ X 20’ and so on. The units are adequately illuminated. You also find storage units with an air conditioner facility. You can hire the storage unit depending on the volume of materials you want to store. The units can be hired for a short duration spanning a few hours to long duration say for few days/weeks.


These are fully enclosed storage blocks which ensure safety of your invaluable belongings even under harsh weather conditions. In order to ensure absolute security the Laverton storage systems are constantly guarded by trained security personnel. In addition to this, the units are under the surveillance of taped CCTV cameras which are installed at various strategic locations. Further, the entry to the place is through biometric security system. Apart from this, every lessee of the self storage unit is advised to lock the units with their own lock and key.

Materials to be stored:

The Flemington storage units can be used for keeping any article like your unsold stock, raw materials, office furniture, tools and so on. Many households make use of the storage facilities to store documents, jewelry, furniture and various other materials. However, as per the law you are restrained from keeping materials like gasoline or other types of explosives and such other items specifically barred by the law.

Economical storage plan:

One good example of households in Australia has been making use of popular self storage units like the Public Self Storage for the past ten years. The monthly rent the individual pays is just Australian $250. That speaks of the economy of the self storage units.

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