Never mind about availability of space because Bunk beds are here

It is natural that when there is lack of space, architects and interior designers try some of the innovative methods to maximize the utility of available space. Yes, this approach is true to the adage, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Perhaps, bunk beds serve as one of the best examples that help to save on space and maximize the comfort available within the given space.

Vertically stacked beds:

These beds are nothing but vertically stacked beds. The best example of this would be the sleeper coaches in the trains where you find beds located one over the other. This type of bed is also found in military garrisons, ships, hostels, and in various other places. The other ideal example of bunk bed is the bed for children in your home where they are located one over the other.

 Their design in brief:

These beds are supported by four pillars, and each of the pillars is located at the four corners of the bed. The upper bed is connected by a ladder of convenient design. In fact, children love such beds and when you show them these beds, they would simply hop to the upper bed so that they can doze at height.

Modern bunk beds are provided with various additional utilities. Details of such utilities and the safety aspects of these beds are briefly explained here:

·        Modern vertical bunk beds are provided with lighting facility for each of the beds. Further, you also find some of the designs have drawers at each level where the person can keep personal belongings. These beds are provided with appropriate enclosures so that the person would not fall down while he or she is dozing.

·        Normally, individual beds are located at a convenient height so that the person can comfortably sit on the bed. Such beds are popularly called as loft beds.  In fact, some of the designs of such beds have provided for pouches or hooks where the person can keep water bottle or other personal belongings. In order to further maximize the utility of available space, some of the designers have introduced triple loft bed.

·        Another method of maximizing the available space is through L-shaped bed in bunk design. Such beds actually double the utility of available space. Such beds are popular in army garrisons as also in ships. Some of the designers have provided for covering the sleeping area with mosquito nets.

·        The manufacturers of these beds should ensure the beds are designed strictly in accordance with the existing safety norms as prescribed by the government.  Experts suggest that children below eight years should be accommodated only on the lower bed. Other children who occupy the upper bed should be told about the dos and don’ts while sleeping on the upper bed.

Does not require maintenance:

These beds are made of various materials like wood, stainless steel, brass and such other materials.  The beds do not require any maintenance except for routine cleaning.  They are available in various designs, colors, and shades.  Of course, these beds are considerably expensive. However, when it comes to managing the available space, perhaps these beds could be an ideal option. Some of the manufacturers even custom design these beds.

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