Improve the Condition of Your Products with the Best Plastic Compounds

All over the world different plastic compounds are used for different purposes. The choice of compound hugely depends on the qualities needed to match the requirements of the end product. A blend of different compounds gives rise to these different plastic compounds that can be put to use in different industries. For instance, if you are in the business of manufacturing plastic roofing most likely you will use Thermoplastic Polyolefin, since it has qualities that can do well in outdoor conditions.

As a plastic product, Thermoplastic Polyolefin exists in many phases. On one extreme you have a compound that is solid at room temperature but softens with increased heat. The other extreme could be the one that is elastomeric which is soft at room temperature. Furthermore these compounds are available in other forms such as halogenated and non-halogenated depending on what you need them for.

There are many areas you can make use of thermoplastic polyolefin compounds based on the quality you want. Application ranges from roofing to automobile, to battery and even cables and wires. Examples such as polyethylene can be used as a flame retardant for cables and wires. For battery market, polypropylene can be used as it also offers a great flame retardant quality. If you need to make plastic products for the automobile industry whether exterior or interior, you can make good use of the latter as it can be painted over.

If you are a designer or an engineer, there are a number of fillers that can be added to this compound to match your specific needs. For instance for products needed to pass weathering test, TPOs can be matched with UV additives in terms of colour. More modern developments on TPOs are focused on increasing the meltdown flow to be used on thin walls. These thermoplastic polyolefin materials are developed without losing qualities such as low weight, stiffness, low CLTE among others.

Among TPO brands that you can get include TufGuard, Tuflex and TufFill. An example of the TufGuard family is the GPP1005M-EX8. This boasts qualities such as flame resistance, non-bloom, and impact resistance. It is best for injection moulding. TufFlex family includes GTPO8290 Natural that has great deformative qualities. It can be used for making insulation jackets with olefin base. The tufFill family prides itself of having the GPP1005-EX10 Natural which is halogenated with non-blooming and flame retardant qualities. This polypropylene has qualities that match the UL 94 V-2 rating.

There are many companies all over the country that deal withthermoplastic polyolefin manufacturing. However not all of them can boast the range of products that S & E specialty Polymers has under just this one plastic compound. With modern facilities and equipment, See more to our sites:, compounds can be modified to meet your specific needs. The best part is your products can also be tested in the lab for you to make sure you have the right qualities before hitting the market.

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